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Referral Program

Sign Art Etc's Referral Program is a win for everyone. It gives our clients the opportunity to earn $25 when one of their referrals places their first order with Sign Art Etc. And the person placing the order gets a 10% discount on their first order with Sign Art Etc.

1) Refer a friend or colleague using this link.

) You can send your friend/colleague the referral information via email, facebook, twitter, etc.

3) This link shows what your friend/colleague receives from you.

4) If your referral places an order with Sign Art Etc, you will receive $25 sent to your Paypal account. The person you refer to Sign Art Etc will receive 10% off their first order. A win for everyone.

5) There is a coupon code entered at the cart page during checkout that generates the 10% discount.

6) You can refer additional people and receive $25 the first time they place an order with Sign Art Etc.

7) Discounts and cash payments are for the first order only.