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Sign Art Etc is your source for custom wallpaper murals using our HP Latex printer. And our clients can now design their own custom wallpaper and custom murals.

Ready to order now, just email us at or call us at 1-800-799-7436. Start your project today! You can work with one of our design staff at no cost. Let's do now.

If you don't want to design yourself, Sign Art's team will assist with the design.
  • HP's state of the art design program with video tutorial.
  • 28 Million stock images, 5000 patterns - all included in the price
  • Free Ground Shippingcustom wallpaper mural
  • Eco-Friendly, state of the art inks and wallpaper
  • One simple price of $5.00 per square foot - 50 square ft minimum
  • 12th year in business.....same location, same internet address.
  • Let Sign Art help make your event or project successful.
  • Easy Installation with video tutorial. Also Easy to Remove.

  • Here’s just a few features of the design program:

  • Set your wall size.
  • Add windows, outlets, etc.
  • Assign a background pattern.
  • Drag & drop images and copy.
  • 28 million images, 5000 patterns for you to use.
  • OR Upload your own artwork or photos.
  • Print-ready files are automatically generated in the cloud & forwarded directly to Sign Art Etc.
  • Sign Art Etc will contact you when the file is ready for print and provide final pricing ($5/sq ft) and completion dates.
  • Clients receive installation instructions & pre-numbered, pre-pasted wallpaper panels

  • Ready to order now, just email us at or call us at 1-800-799-7436. Start your project today! You can work with one of our design staff at no cost. Let's do now.

    Go to Custom Wallpaper Design Program
    Sign Art Etc Custom Wallpaper Design Program
    Link to video showing how you can install your own Custom Wallpaper Mural

    Link to very cool custom wallpaper mural for older teenage girl's room

    Link to Design Software Tutorial - highly recommended!!!

    With HP Wall Art you can build a healthier environment, inside and out

  • Accept nothing less than high environmental standards.
  • UL Certification Custom Wallpaper Murals Sign ArtOdorless prints are suitable for use even in environments such as schools, medical facilities, and restaurants.
  • HP pre-pasted wallpaper is PVC-Free and environmentally friendly.
  • HP Latex Inks are UL ECOLOGO® Certified and meet a range of stringent human health criteria.
  • HP Latex Inks have achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification and are certified to standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air.

  • How Does this Work?
    You can design your own wallpaper that is customized to your exact specifications. Our easy-to-use design online software will allow you to set your exact wall size, place doors, windows, arches, even light switches. You can upload your own images or pick from thousands of patterns and images that will be sized and scaled to fit your own personal taste.

    Ready to order now, just email us at or call us at 1-800-799-7436. Start your project today! You can work with one of our design staff at no cost. Let's do now.

    Go to Custom Wallpaper Design Program
    Sign Art Etc Custom Wallpaper Design Program
    Can I make revisions?
    You can save the project so that you can come back and change it later, share it with friends and revise it as many times as you like before ordering or paying for anything. After you are completely satisfied with the end result, just click on the order icon and we’ll take it from there. You can select your shipping method and pay for everything online.

    Do I get a proof?
    Once your order is completed online or by phone, we will send you an additional proof proof printed on the actual material so you can double check colors. We will also include a full size portion of the image so you can double check the image quality. Once you approve that final proof, we will produce and ship your project within two business days.

    What is the material?
    The printed material is a product manufactured by Hewlett Packard, one of the largest most trusted brands in custom printing. The material is a pre-pasted wallpaper that just needs to be moistened and hung like any other pre-pasted wallpaper.

    Once you receive your custom wallpaper. . . .
    Every project is custom printed so it comes with its’ own set of step by step instructions. You will receive a layout with your image printed on it. Each panel is individually numbered and you will have detailed instructions explaining where each panel should be placed on your wall. The instructions also include a list of helpful tools as well as tips and tricks for hanging wallpaper. We even have some links to YouTube videos and further “how to” tips.

    custom wallpaper mural bedroom

    Ready to order now, just email us at or call us at 1-800-799-7436. Start your project today! You can work with one of our design staff at no cost. Let's do now.

    This is a set of basic step by step instructions that will give you a basic overview of how to design your project. You can always click on the “information” icon or any help links on the design page.
    It may be more convenient to print this page and have it handy while you are creating your project.

    1. Click on the Design my Wallpaper Icon. This will direct you to the HP Design page.

    2. Using the design icons on the bottom left of this page, you can begin customizing your wall dimensions and layout.

    3. Set your wall size. Measure your wall from top to bottom, left to right. Don’t worry about adding extra material, we take care of that for you when we produce the final product.

    4. Measure where any doors, windows, light switches are so that you can set them in the design program.

    5. Select your wall color. You can change the wall color so you can see how your wallpaper is going to match with the existing wall color.

    6. Upload Artwork. If you have any images, patterns or designs that you want printed on your wallpaper you can upload them and use them to be printed on your wallpaper. Make sure that the images are large, high quality images so that they don’t appear blurry or pixilated when they print.

    7. You can also select from millions of pre-designed images and designs from the Fotolia or Pattern Design folders.

    8. You can add text to your wallpaper. By adding text, you can personalize any project using different colors, sizes and shapes of custom text.

    9. Save your work!! Using the disc icon on the top left side are of the page you can save your work and come back to edit it later. You will be sent an email with a direct link that will bring you back to your project so you can make changes later.

    10. Share your project. Using the “share” icon, you can email a link to your project so that your friends or colleagues can see the design and provide input.

    11. Check some details!! Double check that the size of the room is correct. Review the overall cost of the project by clicking on the information icon on the top center of the design page. That pop up will show you the overall cost of the printed material plus any additional purchased artwork charges. This price does not include taxes (if applicable) or shipping.

    12. Request a price quote. Click on the bottom right icon to put your project in motion. We will email you a price for your project within 24 hours. We will also email you one final proof for your approval within one business day. Once that proof is approved by you, we will begin production of your project and have it ready to ship within 2 business days. PLEASE NOTE: Once you have ordered your project, the design and size cannot be changed or altered.

    Green Companies
    If you are deeply committed to more environmentally friendly printing and sign solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Sign Art Etc is one of the few companies operating the HP Latex large format printer to produce custom wallpaper murals.
    Why is this important?
    Latex printing eliminates concerns about odor. Our HP Latex printer creates odorless prints that are immediately dry to the touch unlike the solvent printers of the past that need hours to cure the ink. When using HP Latex inks in combination with HP PVC-free wall paper, all of your indoor wall decorations will be odorless and FSC-certified, GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified. and will meet the AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions for indoor building products.

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    Custom Wallpaper Murals
    Our Price: $250.00
    Custom Wallpaper Murals
    Our Price: $250.00
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